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Email Support:
  1. How do I setup my outlook or outlook express?
  2. I can recieve email however, I cannot send any, why?
  3. My Outlook keeps asking me for my user name and password, WHY?
  4. Why does my Outlook keeps getting duplicate messages? How do I get it to stop?
  5. How do I change my email password?
  6. Is my Email Protected from Virus?

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FTP Support:
  1. What is FTP?
  2. What's my Username and password?
    Your user Name and password was emailed to you when your account was orginally setup. Please Email support@newtechlabs.com If you have lost this information and we will reset your FTP account.
  3. Can I change my password?
    NO. To change your FTP password simply email Support@newtechlabs.com and we will reset your password.

Web Site Scripting Support:
  1. Is Perl, PHP, Front Page Extentions or ASP enabled on the server?
  2. How Do I send Email Via my Web Page?
  3. How Do I Upload a File via my Web page?

MassMail / Web Site Editor Support:
  1. I can't upload a picture, why?

Domain Registration and Hosting Support:
  1. How long does it take before I can use my Domain name?
  2. What is a Name Server and why do I need one?
  3. New Tech Labs Registration Agreement and the Service Agreement
  4. New Tech Labs Privacy Policy and Practices

General Help:
  1. My computer is running slow, or seems to have pop up windows opening from no where; Why?
  2. if your computer has constant network traffic even when your not on it then please scan it for virus.

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Earlier this year I entered a design contest. The contest was to design a myspace profile for the actor Eliza Dushku. Fox provided all the materials a...

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