I can recieve email however I cannot send any, why?
Some internet serice providers, in an attempt to stop spam, have blocked SMTP packets on their network unless it's from one of their Server.

SBC Global is one such provider. To fix your outlook to be able to send Emails on their network follow the instructions below.

1. Open Outlook express (or whatever email client you are using)

2. Select Tools and then select Accounts from the drop down.

3. Click on the Server tab at the top.

4. Change the SMTP server to point to your SBC Global server. (for most users it is - However depending on your account you might have a different Server assigned to you. Please Call SBC to get the proper Server.

5. In the Outgoing mail server settings make sure the "My Server Requires Authentication" is checked. DO NOT check: Log on Using Secure Authentication in the POP section.